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Today I Baked a Cake

It’s my mom’s 60th birthday today.  Kind of a big deal.  We’re doing a dinner for her and when I asked her what she wanted, crossing my fingers that I could pull off whatever it was, as let’s be honest my discipline for following a recipe is not the best, I held my breath waiting for her response and to my relief she said a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  What?!?!  I just won the lottery!!  But when I asked her why she said because it’s what her dad made every year.

As I silently rejoiced in my super-easy, can’t mess it up, dinner assignment, I started thinking about how really it’s the simple things that we remember from our childhood.  It’s not the gourmet meals or the fancy over the top parties, it’s the simple things that were made time and time again that most often bring us comfort in our adulthood.  Those are the things we reach for in times of reflection, times of need, time of celebration.
So let this be a reminder to me and to every mom trying to keep up with the Pinterest world we live in.  By boxed cake.  Make it with your kids.  And enjoy it’s perfectly imperfectness, because that’s what they will remember.
*photo via Bakers Royale