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My 33rd Birthday, The Best One Yet

Today I’m 33!  What the?!?! How did that even happen?  But to be honest I legitimately could not be happier about it!  It’s weird when I was younger I always thought it would be so awful to grow older, the wrinkles, the boring clothes, the grey hairs…oh how I was wrong!

First I love my wrinkles…each and every one of them…I mean I worked hard for all those laughs, fun days in the sun, and time spent outdoors…I earned those wrinkles.  While don’t get me wrong I do my best to take care of my skin (hello R&F, I’m looking at you) I’m absolutely not embarrassed by a single one of them! How boring would it be to not have any trace of the life you lived on your face??

Secondly, the boring clothes….that’s a myth!  Clothes really do just get better as you age and really find your own style.  No longer am I chasing the latest trends and wearing things that are not the most flattering on my body type simply because they are “on-trend”.  I feel like I’ve started to really find my style and have been investing in pieces that I LOVE, that make me feel confident, and excited to wear them.  I’ve finally learned the less is more rule, and I’m loving it!

Thirdly, grey hairs….that’s just life and thank god we all have amazing hairdressers to fix them!!

Also my life: I could go on forever here but in short:

My health, our health.  I feel overwhelming lucky that our entire family is HEALTHY, truly a blessing that I do not take for granted.

That husband of mine…he really is a good one.

Two adorable, funny, and kind kids.

I get to do what I LOVE and call it work.

And I’ve finally found the courage to own my future along with ALL of my dreams after many years of traveling along the path I thought I was suppose to go down.

But really my 30s and these last few years has totally shifted my outlook on life and I could not be more grateful that I have the privilege to turn another year older, for so many, heartbreakingly, don’t get the opportunity to celebrate 33. So today I will count ALL of my many blessing, I will squeeze my family tight and love on them with all I have, I will thank god and the universe for the amazing life I get to live, and I will joyfully, unregrettably turn another year older!

Charlie Rowan Designs - Ryann Scrafford

Also, I’ve been on a serious lipstick kick lately and this Revlon Matte Stormy Pink that I’m wearing in the image above is my daily go-to, such an easy color that instantly makes the day better!

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