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In the Kitchen with Toddlers & Hello Fresh

Over the past few months Hello Fresh started popping up in the feeds and posts of many of my favorite bloggers and Instagram mama’s who were all raving about the simplicity of the meals that were not only quick but also healthy!  So obviously I was intrigued….I mean…quick, healthy, and delivered to your door….sign me up!! So when HelloFresh reached out to partner I jumped at the chance!  Let’s be real what busy mama couldn’t use someone else to do the meal planning, shopping, and delivery right to their door….and did I mention that start to finish the meals take 30 minutes!!  I mean, what dreams are made of, am I right?!!

Outside of the convenience, one of the things I have loved most is that it has pushed us to try new recipes for meals that we might not of made on our own.  I also love that everything is farm fresh ingredients and that the meals are well balanced, filling, and while they feed 4 we have had plenty of leftovers for at least 1 to 2 lunches making it a really great value as well.

Last week Hello Fresh sent us three meals to try from their Classic Meal Plan, which we selected since our kids are pretty adventurous eaters, however they do offer a Family Meal Plan that has more family friendly ingredients, and also a Veggie Plan.  We had the Siracha Turkey Burgers, the Soy Marinated Steak, and the Spanish Style Cod with Chickpeas.


I let these two decide which meal we made each night.  I have found with my kids the more you let them be involved with the decision making and cooking process them more excited they are about the food.


Everything comes super organized with recipe cards and step by step instructions making it super easy to follow and get the kids involved since there are only 6 steps to each recipe.

Charlie_Rowan_designs_Hello_Fresh Charlie_Rowan_designs_Hello_Fresh Charlie_Rowan_designs_Hello_Fresh  Charlie_Rowan_designs_Hello_FreshCharlie_Rowan_designs_Hello_Fresh

Also, anything that allows these three to take over the kitchen….how could I not love it!

Charlie_Rowan_designs_Hello_Fresh Charlie_Rowan_designs_Hello_Fresh

The Siracha Turkey Burgers made for the perfect outdoor dinner.  For the kids I just swapped out the Siracha Mayo for ketchup and cut back slightly on the amount we mixed into the actual burger and they loved it!Charlie_Rowan_designs_Hello_Fresh

This kid will literally try anything once…including lemons, handfuls of garlic (true story), and pretty much anything he can get his hands on!Charlie_Rowan_designs_Hello_Fresh Charlie_Rowan_designs_Hello_Fresh Charlie_Rowan_designs_Hello_Fresh

Ian and I also really liked the Spanish Style Cod with Chickpeas, and while we eat a lot of fish we don’t typically make Cod so this was a great change.  The kids loved the fish, both asked for seconds but were a little weary of the chickpeas….but I’ll still call that a win!Charlie_Rowan_designs_Hello_Fresh

All in all, we loved the entire experience and I would absolutely recommend it to any family who is looking for a healthy, well balanced meal plan that also introduces your kids to a variety of flavors and foods.  I wholeheartedly believe in investing in the food we eat and if you don’t have the time to plan, prep, and make well-balanced whole foods for your family this offers a great solution that is really affordable when you compare it to buying whole foods and organic and non-hormone produce and meats.

Hello Fresh is also offering all of our readers $30 off your first order, sign up or login here and use RYANN30 at checkout to get your $30 off.

Also, you can customize your weekly delivery, and pause or cancel at any time, and check out the upcoming recipes here.

Xx ~Ryann

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  • Kathy Winsor

    I think these two cuties need to be an advertisement for Hello Fresh!!!!
    Great pics and so smart to include them in the kitchen and preparation of food!!
    We tried Home Chef and loved it too!!!!!