Babes on Bikes

To say we are obsessed with biking might be a small understatement.  I blame my husband, who can not bare to see a bike go unused or worse turned into scrap metal, his love for bikes is no joke.  On the off chance you don’t believe me that this obsession of his runs deep we currently have 18…yup that’s right…18 bikes at our house.  And maybe you are thinking well some are probably cruiser bikes, some road bikes, some mountain bikes….nope…all 18 are cruiser bikes.  And maybe you’re thinking we live in a compound where 18 bikes would be justified…nope…just the 4 of use, 2 of which are under 4 years old.  So yes it’s ridiculous, and we could definitely do with a few…or 14 less, but on the other hand his love for them has without a doubt transferred to our kids who thinking biking is better than Disneyland and I LOVE it!  No joke, they dance and jump up and down when we mention going for a bike ride, and then proceed to negotiate one more block and cry when it’s time to take their helmets off.

Charlie Rowan Biking

Typically we save long bike rides for the weekend where we pack a lunch, waters, and some snacks and head out for hours but lately we’ve been trying to squeeze in some early evening weekday adventures.  Ian tries to come home a little early we get the team on the bikes and head to the park for a quick 30 minutes or slides, races, and swings, then jump back on the bikes to go grab dinner.  Some days we eat at the restaurant, other days we order take out and bike back to the park and have a picnic before biking home.  Regardless the kids LOVE it and so do we!  It’s been such a great activity to break up the week and both the kids and us look forward to a little adventure outside of our normal nighttime grind of dinner, baths, books, bed.

Charlie Rowan Biking Charlie Rowan Biking Charlie Rowan Biking Charlie Rowan Biking

We stopped at Spitz on this trip and it’s one of our favorites in Sugarhouse, UT.  There wraps are pretty much the best thing going!

Charlie Rowan Biking Charlie Rowan Biking Charlie Rowan BikingCharlie Rowan Biking

Charlie is in the iBert bike seat but typically rides in the Thule bike seat that Jett is in below.  I love them both, the iBert is great for little ones, we started putting Charlie in it around 8 months and she loved it.  But the Thule is legit and if you ask Ian he would say just go with the Thule from the start.  We actually have 2 Thule seats but haven’t taken the time to switch out the iBert yet as the kids definitely prefer the iBert as it sits in the front and it’s on mom’s bike, and you know how that goes.  But in short you really can’t go wrong with either and the iBert is much cheaper and a great place to start to see how much you’ll actually use it.

Charlie Rowan Biking

The bike seats have been by far one of the best investments we have made when it comes to kids gear.  Do you bike with your kids?  Let me know in the comments below along with how you beat the mid-week blues with your littles.