This is such a complex question but I’ll start with saying that I never in a million years thought I would ever leave the corporate world.  Before I had children, it was just never even a thought that would have crossed my mind.  I didn’t have the urge to run my own business, I was content with working the 5 day a week grind, and I was determined to climb that ladder.  And I did, and I was good at it.

Then I had kids, and my entire world changed.  No longer was I content with my few short hours a day with them, time seamed so precious and having more of it with them became my priority.  I was over the grind, the rat-race, the busy life that left me feeling like my husband and I were passing ships and my patience for anything was nonexistent.

Although I truly believe any mom that has both worked and stayed-at-home would tell you, staying at home with little ones is WAY harder than showing up at the office, but it’s also a million times more fun and rewarding!

I’ve always been a creative but my unique blend of creativity and result driven, type A personality lead me down more of the business and management side of the creative world than actually creating anything.  I started Charlie Rowan Designs as a creative outlet shortly after my son was born and I was feeling lost in both my career and my sense of self.  I knew I was more than just a mom but my career just wasn’t doing it for me anymore.  I started CRD in August and by December I had managed to sell a decent amount of inventory without ANY effort, and then my first order from Sparkle and Shine Darling landed in my inbox, for 160 units.   It was the sign I had been asking the universe for, right there sitting in my inbox.

That order changed my world, it gave me the courage to take the giant leap that I knew I needed to take to find myself again, to find balance, and purpose.  So we started the new year, and we talked about it, could we make it work, what would that look like if I left that secure job, and while things would be tighter we decided it was worth it.  In February I gave my notice and by April 1 I was done.

While the road of being a business owner has been challenging and discouraging at times it’s also overwhelmingly rewarding and for now it’s working for us and we’re slowing finding out new, more relaxed, happier groove.