Lately I’ve been in a bit of a funk.  It came on after a few weeks of some really big wins both professionally and personally.  It felt like things were happening, all the life changes I had made were panning out and giving me the confidence that I had made the right decision, that yes, this new journey of building, designing, creating a new brand, and career was all going to work out.

And then everything slowed down, and over the past 2 weeks a few meeting were pushed backed, orders slowed, and the crazy business of the past few weeks had came to a halt.  Which admittedly in the moment of the long days that so frequently turned into early mornings that was all I wanted but now that the slowness is here the self-doubt, and questioning begins to creep in and while I know this is part of the normal ebb and flow of anything in life it doesn’t make weathering it any easier or more enjoyable.

But today I made a decision.  That while business is slow, I will work on me.  Pursuing this dream wasn’t the only reason I left corporate America, I left for a better quality of life.  So today while business is slow I am committing time to my wellness both physically and mentally, cleaning out the closets that I’ve been wanting to clean for God knows how long, making a meal plan, making time to draw new prints and designs for CRD, taking the dog for a walk, scheduling lunch with a friend, and bettering ME.

So while the questions and the self-doubt will still creep in, the “me” time/improvements will hopefully make them a little quieter and a side note rather than the headline of my current story.

Photo via Donut Snob