coming home

this collection was created in reflection of a long, uncertain year, where at times life felt hard but simultaneously simple and peaceful.  when normalcy became upended we were forced to find a new rhythm, a new road, a simpler path.  coming home represents our year spent in the mountains of colorado where long walks in the woods, the music of birds, and our friend the bear became our new normal, our coming home. 

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Pregnant with my first child and unable to find products that I felt represented not only my own individual style but also the hopes and aspirations I had from my little one on the way I started designing everything from blankets, to crib sheets, to booties, to prints for the walls.  Slowly I honed in my craft, focused on what I loved to design, and created my surface deigns and illustration studio Charlie Rowan Designs.

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come hang out with me on instagram, where i share everything from designing, to pattern creation, to mom life, and our love for adventure.  i would love to connect with you and share a little bit more about who i am and what inspires the prints i design.

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my portfolio is the place where i share all of my collections and artwork. it has everything from full 20-piece collections to stand-alone spot illustrations, and mini collections.  along with instagram this is a great place to get a better insight into who i am and what inspires my designs.

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