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Painting Pumpkins with Toddlers

It’s messy but painting is one of our favorite things to do around here.  This year we decide to both carve and paint our pumpkins and the kids loved everything about it.  After lots and lots of painting projects I have found a few tricks that keep it a bit more manageable with two little ones.  Below are a few quick tips I have for a successful painting session:

  • Washable paint is the only way to go in my book.  Also, a good thing to know, washable paint doesn’t always wash out.  I learned this the hard way…so make sure you dress your kiddos in something you don’t mind if it ends up with a new stain or two.
  • Invest in an art smock…they are AMAZING!  We have these  cheap ones from IKEA and they work great, but I would LOVE to have these from AMAE CO.
  • A table and chairs that easily wipe down and have enough space for both kids to sit at without being in each others way.  Having their own painting space has been key for us. Again, we have this table and these chairs from IKEA, they are affordable, a perfect size, and super easy to clean up.
  • A basic set of paint brushes along with a cup of water.  Do not fill the water too full, or it will end up everywhere!  We fill ours about 1-2 inches.
  • A roll of paper or construction paper.  We use the IKEA kids drawing paper and using masking tape to attach it to the table.
  • If possible I also try to have them paint outside so if there are spills it’s less clean up for me, but we’ve also done it inside on a surface such as the kitchen tile that is easy to wipe up.
  • Lastly, have fun and try not to over supervise and have fun!

Charlie Rowan Painting Pumpkins

Charlie Rowan Painting Pumpkins Charlie Rowan Painting Pumpkins Charlie Rowan Painting Pumpkins

I would love to know what some of your favorite art activities are with your little ones, as we are always on the look out for new ideas!