Charlie Rowan Designs Daily Bread Recipe
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In the Kitchen with Toddlers: Our Favorite Fail-safe Bread

Our house is currently under attack from the worst colds, I mean soooo much snot!! Didn’t even know those tiny noses could hold that much!  But I’ve been wanting to get this recipe on the blog as it is without a doubt our most used, so easy, and essentially foolproof!If you’ve been following along you already know that I’m super into what my kids eat.  Not crazy, but definitely conscious of the food we bring into our house and the options we give them.  Anyway, our bread making journey began when Charlie was little and I happened to buy sliced bread for sandwiches from both the grocery store and our local bread store on the same day. About a week later the remaining bread from the local bread store was starting to mold…while it took an additional 2 weeks to even get the slights spots of mold on the store bought bread.  I just remember being in shock that I had never even thought about the preservatives or whatever else might be in bread.

So long story short I mentioned to Ian that I wanted a bread maker, which he then purchased for my birthday a few weeks later.  You guys, to this day it is the BEST gift ever, mainly because I’ve never turned it on and he uses it EVERY SINGLE WEEK!!! Like is that even real life??  Good man right there!  Each week he and the kids make bread for the week, most of the time it’s rolls as those are the perfect size for the kids sandwiches but he’ll also make loafs from time to time.  Anyway, below is the recipe and WAY too many photos as always!

The Best Daily Bread Recipe

1 cup plus a bit at high altitude of warm water
3 Tablespoons of Vegetable oil. Your could sub Olive oil.
3 cup flour all purpose of bread flour. If using wheat will need added gluten
4 tablespoon of sugar. Can use 2-3 for less sweet bread
1.5 teaspoon Kosher salt
2.5 teaspoon of yeast.

Put ingredients in bowl in order
Mix the ingredients in bread maker on dough setting or stand mixer. If kneading by hand do so for 10-12 min. Dough should stretch and not break.
Let rise; Double in size aprox 45m-1h
knock down dough and form in to balls about 2″ around.
Set on sheet and flatten by hand.
Let double in size again apox 45m-1
Bake on 350 for 15min

Charlie Rowan Designs Daily Bread Recipe
While it takes 5 times as long we really try to do our best and let the kids help with all steps of cooking, measuring, mixing, kneading, and of course tasting…there is LOTS of tasting that goes on at our house!
Charlie Rowan Designs Daily Bread Recipe Charlie Rowan Designs Daily Bread RecipeCharlie Rowan Designs Daily Bread Recipe Charlie Rowan Designs Daily Bread Recipe Charlie Rowan Designs Daily Bread RecipeCharlie Rowan Designs Daily Bread Recipe

And just like that perfect little rolls for the week, that are soooo yummy!! 

If you end up trying the recipe let me know how you like it!