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    Babes on Bikes

    To say we are obsessed with biking might be a small understatement.  I blame my husband, who can not bare to see a bike go unused or worse turned into scrap metal, his love for bikes is no joke.  On the off chance you don’t believe me that this obsession of his runs deep we currently have 18…yup that’s right…18 bikes at our house.  And maybe you are thinking well some are probably cruiser bikes, some road bikes, some mountain bikes….nope…all 18 are cruiser bikes.  And maybe you’re thinking we live in a compound where 18 bikes would be justified…nope…just the 4 of use, 2 of which are under 4…

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    Popcorn Poppin on the….Cob??

    If you’ve been following along it’s no secret that we have been spending lots of time at our local farms this fall as we soak in all the amazing pumpkin patches and fall festivities.  It’s also opened my eyes to the ability to visit these farms all year round for not only the great produce but also the experience the kids get from visiting and asking questions.  If you know me personally you know that I have always been a huge believer in eating fresh, organic, whole foods that are locally grown whenever possible….I’m kind of a freak about it when it comes to my kids.  So food is a…

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    Painting Pumpkins with Toddlers

    It’s messy but painting is one of our favorite things to do around here.  This year we decide to both carve and paint our pumpkins and the kids loved everything about it.  After lots and lots of painting projects I have found a few tricks that keep it a bit more manageable with two little ones.  Below are a few quick tips I have for a successful painting session: