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Hi, I’m Ryann! I’ve always been a creative but when I found surface design and illustration I immediately fell in love! Based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m endlessly inspired by both nature and life’s adventures and feel most at home in the mountains with my husband, two kids, and giant golden retriever! I believe in surrounding ourselves with inspiring, well-designed, items that either tell a story of who we are or act as a reminder of who we aspire to be – my hope is that my designs are able to be a small part of the visual stories that we tell.

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I’m a firm believer that our surroundings not only influence the person we become but have the ability to provide us with a sense of boldness, wonder, and inspiration.  For those who know me, there is no question that I have my own unique style and have always sought out products that I felt were a representation of me.  Growing up in Salt Lake City I spent the majority of my time in the mountains and desert where I developed a deep love for both.  I headed off to Philadelphia for college where I earned my degree in Design and Merchandising and just as easily fell in love with the color, sounds, and bustle of the city.  When I created Charlie Rowan Designs my love for all three of these environments were infused into my designs providing a sense of wonder and curiosity while hopefully telling the story of the individual and the home that each of my designs land in.

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