hi, i’m ryann!

surface pattern designer & illustrator

Hi, I’m Ryann! I’ve always been a creative but when I found surface design and illustration I immediately fell in love! Based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m endlessly inspired by both nature and life’s adventures and feel most at home in the mountains with my husband, two kids, and giant golden retriever! I believe in surrounding ourselves with inspiring, well-designed, items that either tell a story of who we are or act as a reminder of who we aspire to be – my hope is that my designs are able to be a part of the visual stories that we tell.

current and past clients

Geometry House, Fringe Studio, Golden Coil, Hawthorne Supply Co., Carriage House Printery, Little Cocalico, to name a few.




My Work


The mountains are where I feel most at peace and are my greatest source of inspiration. The older I get the more I feel at home in my own skin…my frizzy curls, my loud laugh, my broad shoulders, my anxiety about disappointing anyone…I use to try and minimize them all…but somewhere into my thirties my laugh got louder (I got louder in general) my hair grew larger and curlier and frizzier, the edges I worked so hard to refine became a little less refined, my need to please began to waiver and life got easier. It’s easier to be who you are, it’s easier not to spend hours straightening your hair, it’s easier to laugh without hesitation, it’s easier to set boundaries when you know where you’re going, it all gets a little easier when you begin trusting that who you are right now is enough. My art is organic and ever-evolving… just like me. It’s not a destination but rather a journey, and as I grow older I have become more and more comfortable being the artist I am. 

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