Hi, I’m Ryann!

 I’ve always been a maker but when I discovered textile design, I immediately fell in love. Pregnant with my first child and unable to find products that I felt represented not only my own individual style but also the hopes and aspirations I had from my little one on the way I started designing everything from blankets, to crib sheets, to booties, to prints for the walls. You name it, I made it! Slowly I honed in my craft, focused on what I loved to design, quit my “real” job, and took the giant leap of faith. Each and every one of my designs beings with a moment of inspiration. Which leads to a hand-drawing, that is manipulated and refined, then after countless revision until I truly love the piece. My designs are created for for modern women who have a love for adventure, good designs, and a strong commitment to their own unique sense of style. I hope my prints remind you to dare to dream of the unknowns and what-ifs, while creating an inspired life, which I believe starts with the things we surround ourselves with and chose to bring into our lives.

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Charlie Rowan Design Fabric

Collections Portfolio

my collections are designed as a full cohesive group of designs featuring hero prints, blenders, and coordinates. these collections are available at a variety of premium retailer.  all collections are currently available for licensing.

Charlie Rowan Designs

Portfolio by Category

my portfolio by category allows you to view stand alone pieces as well as prints pulled from my larger collections that can both stand on their own or be combined with coordinates. all prints are currently available for licensing.

Let’s Learn

teaching is in my bones, truly, before I even knew I loved to teach I found myself constantly being put in the role or “educator”, “trainer”, “mentor”.  the best part of sharing what you know is giving someone else the tools to succeed.  I currently have 2 skillshare classes with loads more coming, so be sure to follow along, and in the meantime dive right into one of my classes below!