Charlie Rowan Designs Geo Pop Baby Blanket
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Meet The Perfect Spring Blanket : Our Geo Pop Baby & Toddler Blanket

Again, the rain has finally stopped!  I literally feel like I am writing that every week! Salt Lake has been so crazy with rainy weekends lately…it’s totally cramping my spring vibes! But, good news, this week should be in the 70s!! WOOT WOO!! So in celebration we’ll be embarrassing all things spring over here; sun dresses, hats, sunscreen, picnics, evening walks….at least until the rain (or snow) decides to show up again! 

In sticking with our new series of highlighting each of our designs I wanted to take a minute and talk about our Geo Pop baby blanket.
Charlie Rowan Designs Geo Pop Baby Blanket
When I designed this I was working on creating a new repeat pattern for our collection.  I don’t know why, but I love triangles, they are without a doubt my favorite shape and you see them throughout my designs, my home decor, everywhere…I’m just drawn to them along with the shapes of negative space that are created with them. So this is where the design started by removing two triangles out of a square and then filling that empty space with thin linear lines that would create a smaller triangle within the square.  Originally the design was black and white (because obviously) but for spring I really wanted to play with colors that I have been drawn to lately that pair well with black.  That is where the deep coral, pale yellow, and light blue came in.  I know that typically this blanket will lend itself more for girls due to the coral but I love that really it works with either gender mixing by both the blue and coral together.  I always play with adding a touch of masculin colors and designs into my Charlie’s wardrobe (when she’ll let me) and pinks and purples mixed into Jett’s, and I would totally rock this blanket for both a boy or a girl!

Charlie Rowan Designs Geo Pop Baby Blanket

Hope that gives you a little insight into the design and as always if you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!

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