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4 Small Kids Brands I’m Totally Crushing on For Fall

As my kids are getting a little older and have stopped outgrowing everything in 3 months I’ve started to be more conscious of the clothes I’m buying them as they will actually be sticking around for a bit.  I also try to mix a few staples with some more standout or investment pieces that I feel represent their little personalities.  Below I’ve rounded up a few of the small brands that I am totally crushing on for fall.

Alice + Ames

I’m in LOVE with their dresses. So effortless, easy to wash, and can mix and match with a million different leggings and cardigan options for either a funky or more basic look.  I’m currently crushing on these three colorways for Charlie:

Alice + Ames Stripes

How adorable are these stripes?  Stripes are always one of my favorites to mix and match patterns with.

Girls Ballet Dress

Second to stripes is always my love for polka dots!

Girls Ballet Dress

I feel like this basic black would get SOOO much wear!  Pair it with adorable cable knit tights for a dressy vibe, or match it with floral or polka dot leggings for a more playful look.  Such a good staple!

Rylee & Cru

Just launched their fall line and true to form it is adorable!!  If I still had babies their bubble rompers would be all they wore, they are that cute!!  But since those days are gone, I’ve been totally dying over their little girl dresses for Charlie (because at this point dresses and skirts are the only thing that girl will put on) and their boys tops and sweatshirt sets will definitely be making an appearance in Jett’s wardrobe this season, they are good!!

Girls Sparrow Dress

I’m loving the print and easy silhouette of this dress.

Girls Tree Dress

Give me slouch dresses all day!  Easy to play in and super cute! And how cute is that sweat suit?!?!

Boys Fall Fashion

How good is this little man’s set up?!?! A little grown up a little youthful, I’m loving this combo!

Boys Fall Fashion

If I dared to put Jett in white this sweatshirt sweatpant combo would absolutely be top of the list!

Mochi Kids

I just discovered these tees and they have quickly become staples around here.  If I’m backed up on laundry (story of my life) and don’t have any dress options for Charlie she’ll usually go for a skirt and tee option, and Jett lives in tees.  When I found Salt Lake City local designer Mochi Kids at Craft Lake City this year I feel in love with her graphic tees.  They are unisex which I LOVE as I can pass them from one kid to the next, and I can match the kids without making them look ridiculous.  Also, her prints are pretty much the best.  Below are a few I have my eye on for this fall.

kids unisex Fall Baseball Tees

How great is this Home Fry tee?!?!  Charlie would totally rock this with a tutu and Jett with some skinny jeans!

Kids Small Brand Fall Fashion

These Happy Soba tees will be on heavy rotation in our house!!  I don’t know what it is about them but I’m obsessed!!

Rags to Raches

One of my all time favs!  Rags has been a go-to for us since the kids were little!  Their rompers are the BEST!  Super easy to wear which is always key for me because it’s UBER important for me that my kids can run, jump, climb, and twirl without being bothered by their clothes.  I’m currently eyeing these two up, but she launches new styles ALL the time and you really can’t go wrong with any of them!!

Toddler girls romper Rags to Raches stripe romper

I know that buying from small brands can be more expensive but in my opinion it’s totally worth it.  Your supporting a dream, a family, dance classes, soccer practices, the list goes on and on and quite frankly knowing that just feels good!  So I try each season to buy a few key pieces that I absolutely love and mix in some staples from the bigger brands such as Zara Kids, Gap, Old Navy, etc.  Hope you love all of these shops as much as I do!

Also, we’ve launched a few new prints for fall that you can check out here.